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Fly To Paradise  
  Flyff - Jobs 20.06.2019 03:35 (UTC)
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Next week we get 24/7 and lagfree and i'll give Mark my Position as Admin, so i'll just be a GM.
  We search GM's again!
Next week the Server will be off for 1day, because we make the mobs new, Mark will be Admin and the Server will run at his laptop, so 24/7 and lagfree i hope, and we are just 2 GM's then, so write applications, we'll answer next week then.
  Server rules!
1. Dont call somebody Noob or something like that, everyone starts small!
2. Don't Spam !
3. Enjoy the Server and have fun, be nice to the others so the other will be nice to you. (:

1. Keiner wird Noob oder etwas derartiges genannt! (nub,nap...)
2. Kein Spam!
3. Habt Spaß und genießt den Server ;D!

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Get your own at Flyffables! This is our personally Server-Flyff Pet, every tenth Level it reaches we will make a biiiiiig Event! xD

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